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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Angularjs Training

Real Time Angular and Node JS Training with lots of Real time Scenarios from A Real Time Employee working in MNC Company.

AngularJS Course Content
1. Introduction
a. About WEB application
b. Decade (previous) Style application vs Third generation applications
c. What is Angular?
d. A complete Client-Side solution
2. Conceptual Overview
a. What should I know in JavaScript before learning AngularJS?
i. JavaScript Objects, Functions & Arrays
ii. JavaScript Variables Scope
iii. Closures In JavaScript
iv. About OOPS & JavaScript (JavaScript Inheritance)
b. Introduction to MVC / MVVM / MVP … MV*
c. Dependency Injection
d. Other add-ons to know as UI-Developer
3. Data Binding
a. Interpolation
b. Expressions
4. Controllers
a. Understanding Controller
b. Setting up Scope & adding behavior
5. Services
a. Using a Service
b. Registering & Creating Services
c. Service components in ng
6. Scopes
a. Scope characteristics
b. Scope as Data-Model
c. Scope Hierarchies & $rootScope
d. Scope Events Propagation
e. Scope Life Cycle
7. Templates
a. Using directive, markup, filter and form-controls
8. Filters
a. Using filters in views
b. Using filters in controller, services and directives
c. Creating custom filter
d. Filter components in ng
9. Forms
a. Introduction to Validations
b. Using CSS classes
c. Displaying messages
d. Creating custom validator
e. Adding asynchronous validator< 10. Directives
a. What are directives?
b. Directive types
c. About Directive Scope
d. Creating Directives
e. HTML Compiler
f. Directive components in ng
11. Default Components & Component Router
12. Modules
a. Why Module?
b. Module loading & dependencies
c. Configuration Blocks
d. Run Blocks
13. Providers
a. Provider, Factory, Service, Constant, Value
b. About $httpProvider
i. About request / response headers, config
ii. Interceptors
c. About $q promise asynchronous provider
d. Provider components in ng
14. Decorators
a. What are decorators?
b. How to use decorators?
15. Bootstrap of AngularJS
a. Angular <script> Tag
b. Automatic Initialization
c. Manual Initialization
16. Introduction Unit Testing
17. About angular seed
a. Project folder structure
i. Type Based pattern
ii. Feature Based pattern
b. Setting up End-End (client: angularjs, server: nodeJS) project
18. Introduction to Git (source control)
a. Daily commands list for developer
19. Classroom Project : Developing Sample Blogger Using AngularJS
20. Using AngularJS plug-ins or dependency imports
a. Angular-UI
b. Angular-UI-Router
c. Toastr notification
Java Script
1. Introduction to JavaScript
a. About WEB applications
b. What can you do with JavaScript?
c. Hello World!!! with JavaScript
2. Variables, Types and Scope
a. Basic syntax & comments
b. Declarations
c. Variable hoisting
d. Numbers / Strings / Boolean Values
e. Undefined and null
f. Global Scope
g. Function Scope
h. Block Scope
i. Equality comparisons and sameness
3. Control flow and error handling
a. If…else
b. Switch
c. Try/catch/throw
d. Error objects
4. Loop and iteration
a. For / While / do…while
b. Break/continue
c. For…in
5. Functions
a. Defining Functions
b. Calling Functions
c. Function Scope
d. Closures
6. Arrays and Reference Types
a. Understanding Reference Types
b. Array Fundamentals
c. Array Features
7. Details of the Object Model / JSON and Prototypes
a. Simple Objects and JSON
b. Understanding prototypes
c. Creating Objects & Defining Methods
d. Prototype based OOP
e. Inheritance and prototype chaining
8. Programming the DOM
a. The window Object and Timers
b. System Dialogs
c. The Location Object
d. Document Basics
e. Query Selectors
9. Event Handlers
10. Built-In Objects and Functions
11. Miscellaneous JavaScript Topics

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