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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Android Training

Android training provides an efficient way to learn the course completely and gain very good knowledge. This course will mainly focus on explaining all the topics by using sample examples for every topic hence allows the beginners to understand the course very easily. In our Android Development Training we provide a series of walk-through's & lab assignments which introduce and explain Android features that are used to code, debug and deploy Native Mobile applications.

Android Course Details: Android Training Content
Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google. It is a combination of middle-ware and key applications. Using android we can develop mobile and tablet supported applications. It is Linux based software system similar to Linux, and is a free and open source software. Using Android we can develop two types of applications Native and Hybrid Applications. JAVA technology is used to develop Android applications as JAVA is platform independent. For developing Android Application Android SDK and Eclipse IDE are required.
Introduction to Android:
Overview of Android and Android SDK
History of Android
Android features
Android Architecture overview and Introduction to OS layers:
Linux kernel
Android Runtime
Application framework
Setup of Android Development environment :
System requirements
Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation
Creating first Android application
Project Structure
Android Application Fundamentals:
Android application building blocks
Activating components
Shutting down components
LifeCycle of Application
Development tools, Manifest File
LifeCycle of Activity
User Interface:
View Hierarchy and Layouts
UI Events
Building Menus
Notifying users
Creating dialogs
Graphics & Animations
Main Building Blocks:
Content Providers
Broadcast Receivers
Overview of Android Resources
Creating Resources
Using Resources
Drawable Resources
Animation Resources
Data Storage:
Content Providers
Broadcast Receivers
Shared Preferences
Internal Storage (Files)
External Storage(SD Card)
SQLite Databases
Android Media API:
Playing audio/video
Blue tooth
Location Services
Google Maps
Deploying Android Application on Device
Android Training Objectives
To learn basics of Java programming language such as compilation and running of java program.
To learn Android Operating System and working of Middleware.
To understand the Features of Eclipse IDE
To gain very deep understanding of Android Application Development features.
To develop user interfaces using Android development components.
To develop applications using graphics and animations.
To build database intensive applications using SQLite database.
To develop applications to read  phone & SIM Card details, sending SMS, making calls.
To develop different applications using Google maps to find the particular location
To create applications to access the data from other applications using web services.
To develop  applications to play  audio & video files in mobile device using multimedia.

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