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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Advance Java Training

Advanced Java Training is designed for those Java programmers who already have strong programming skills on JSE (Java Standard edition) and want to learn the advanced features of Java SE. Students trained at Blend Infotech are mould to become successful software developers. Starting from the quick recap of core java, all the concepts of advanced java are taught in detail and enthusiasm is generated in students to practically learn the subject. By opting this you will be able develop any kind of web based applications.

Java is platform independent language and Object oriented Programming language. Using advanced Java programming language we can learn how to design dynamic web applications using Java Server Pages and Java Servlet and how to connect to data base drivers. Advanced java course consist JDBC, HTML, Servlet, JSP and JSTL. Using JDBC concept you can learn database concepts in depth and perform all CRUD operations easily. Using HTML you can develop static web pages. Using Servlet and JSP you can develop dynamic web pages.

Core Java, OOPs Concepts

  • Introduction to Java and OOPS
  • Java Tokens- Comments, Identifiers, Keywords, Separators
  • Working with Java Editor Software – Editplus, NetBeans, Eclipse
  • Packages with static imports
  • Working with jar
  • Modifiers – File level, Access level and Non-access level
  • Data types, Literals, Variables, Type Conversion, Casting & Promotion
  • Reading runtime values from keyboard and Properties File
  • Operators and Control Statements
  • Method and Types of methods
  • Variable and Types of Variables
  • Constructor and Types of constructors
  • Block and Types of Blocks
  • Declarations, Invocations and Executions
  • Compiler & JVM Architecture with Reflection API
  • Static Members and their execution control flow
  • Non-Static Members and their execution control flow
  • Final Variables and their rules
  • Classes and Types of classes
  • OOPS- Fundamentals, Models, Relations and Principles
  • Coupling and Cohesion (MVC and LCRP Architectures)
  • Types of objects & Garbage Collection
  • Arrays and Var-arg types
  • Enum and Annotation

Advance JAVA


  • What is a web application?
  • Java Servlets
  • What is a Servlet?
  • Servlet Lifecycle
  • Servlet Context
  • Session management
  • Building the first Servlet
  • Deploying the Servlet
  • Examples - Servlets


  • What is a JSP Page?
  • Basic HTML Tags
  • JSP Tag library
  • JSP Page Life-cycle
  • Creating the first Dynamic web page using JSP

Other Advance Topics

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MVC Frameworks

Advanced J2EE & Frameworks

  • Advanced J2EE
  • Spring3.x,Hibernate3.x,Struts2.x/1.x
  • Application Servers
  • WebServices
  • Blogging and content marketing
  • JSF,Ajax,IBatis,Cocoon,JDO
  • Java beans
  • Global Certification from Oracle
  • Core & Enterprise Edition design patterns, UML,Star UML Tool usage


  • Introduction of SQL
  • SQL - RDBMS Concepts
  • SQL DataTypes
  • SQL Operators/Tables
  • SQL Statements/Queries
  • SQL Functions
  • SQL relationships

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