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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Internet Security - Mozilla

Internet Security - Mozilla

To download the latest Mozilla Firefox browser version, you can click on the following link −
Then after installing it, we need to secure the Mozilla browser by following these steps −

Auto-install the updates

You can auto-install the updates by going to Menu → Options → Advanced → Update Tab. Check all the checkboxes and select “Automatically install…” & “Warn me…”.
Auto Install

Block Pop-ups

To block pop-ups, follow the path Menu → Options → Content. Make sure the first two boxes are checked (Block pop-ups & Load images).
Pop Ups

Block add-ons/phishing

Go to Menu → Options → Security. Check the top three boxes that start with “Warn me…” and “Block…”.
Block Adds

Set to forget passwords

Go to Menu → Options → Security. Uncheck the "Remember logins..." box.
Set Passwords

Blocking Cookies

To block cookies, go to Tools Menu → Options → Privacy → History → Check the “Remember..." box under and uncheck “Accept Cookies from sites”.

Install AdBlock Plus

Get Add-ons – type Adblock plus created by Wladimir Palant.
Adblock Plus

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