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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Internet Security - Explorer

Internet Security - Explorer

Internet explorer is the browser of Microsoft and by default is incorporated with Windows OS and doesn’t work on other Operating Systems.

Auto-download Updates

Updates for Internet Explorer are handled by Windows Update located in Control Panels. Set it to Daily updates as shown in the following screenshot.
Important Updates

Block Pop-ups

To block pop-ups, go to Tools Menu → Internet Options → Privacy tab and set the slider to MEDIUM. Check the "turn on pop-up blocker” box.
Internet Explorer Pop Ups

Block Plugins

To block plugins, go to Tools menu → Internet Options → Advanced tab and scroll down to Multimedia. Uncheck Play animations” and “Play sounds” in webpages if they are checked.
Internet Explorer Multimedia

Delete Passwords

Go to Tools menu → Internet Options → Content tab and click the AutoComplete Settings button and uncheck the "user names and passwords..." box.
Internet Security Settings

Block Cookies

To block cookies, go to Tools menu → Internet Options → Privacy tab and click the “Advanced” button. Check the “Override” box and the “Accept” button for First-party cookies and “Prompt” button for Third-party cookies. The “Always allow…” button should not be checked. Click OK. When done, click on Apply button.
Advanced Privacy Settings
The next step is to go to Tools Menu → Internet Options → Security → Custom level →Download unsigned ActiveX controls → Disable (Recommended).
Security Settings

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