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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Database Testing – Tools

Database Testing – Tools

There are various tools provided by vendors that can be used to generate Test data, to manage Test data and perform database testing like Load Testing and Regression Testing.
A few common tools that are used are given below.
Sr.NoCategory & DescriptionExamples
Load Testing Tools
These tools are used to put high usage loads on your database, which enables to determine whether your system's landscape will stand up to your business needs.
Web Performance
Rad View
Data Security Tools
These tools are used to implement compliance and standards as per the information security regulations.
IBM Optim Data Privacy
Test Data generator tools
A tester uses these tools to generate the test data for a database system. These are mostly required when you have huge amount of data and you need sample to perform DB Testing. It is commonly used for Load and Stress testing.
Data Factory
DTM Data Generator
Turbo Data
Test Data Management Tool
These tools are used to maintain version control for test data. You have to define the expected results and then you compare it with the actual outcomes of the tests.
IBM Optim Test Data Management
Tools to perform Unit Testing
These tools are used to perform regression testing on your database.

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