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Thursday, 14 June 2018



This paper deals with an interesting and innovative manner of displaying messages on an electronic display board using wireless technology. Notice boards are one of the basic things in any organization or public utility places like hospitals, airports, bus stations, railway stations, shopping malls, and parks. It is time consuming and tedious process to manually write down the different notices every now and then. To overcome the problem, the idea of wireless digital display board has been proposed in this paper. The key objective of this project is to develop a notice board that receives and displays messages from an authentic user from anywhere in the world using GSM technology. The SIM card loaded in the GSM module fitted with the wireless display board receives messages from an authorized user having a mobile phone. The received message is then displayed on the wireless notice board making the whole process easy and fast. Thus the authentic users can send messages from any corner of the world to be displayed on the notice board using GSM technology.


 GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) – an open, digital cellular technology, first deployed in Finland in December 1991 is the most widely used wireless digital communication technology. As of 2017, it has become the global standard for mobile communications – with over 90% market share, operating in over 219 countries and territories [1]. Digital advertisements have become popular nowadays as shopping malls, supermarkets, airports use digital display boards. From every small institution to big organization, messages are displayed on digital boards. Over the last two decades the use of cell phones has been rapidly increasing. Mobile phones and the related technologies have become one of the most important things in this modern era. This drastic use of mobile phones gave the interesting idea of sending and receiving messages and the displaying them on digital board. The SMS (Short Message Service) facility in mobile handset enables us to send and receive messages all around the world by virtue of International roaming feature. The main aim of this project is to replace the conventional notice boards by wireless digital displays driven by GSM technology. The authenticated user on the sending end sends SMS (notice to be displayed on the board) using his mobile handset to the SIM card loaded in the GSM module (attached to the wireless notice board), which receives the message and passes it to the microcontroller in the arduino nano for storage and then displays the received SMS on the wireless digital board. The SIM card at the receiving end in the GSM module receives only those messages whose initial character is * and final is ‘#’. The device can be used anywhere irrespective of the place of deployment provided mobile network connectivity is available

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