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Thursday, 14 June 2018



 The main aim of smart grid was to maintain a secure and reliable electricity infrastructure to transfer data from smart meters to destinations. Now a day’s data security plays a major role in communication i.e; data must be secured from the destructive forces and unauthorized users. The basic idea of this paper is to transfer data which is generated from smart meters or any other source securely from transmitting station to receiving station according to a standard algorithm with the help of ZigBee modules and a specific controller. The information which is generated with the help of PS2 keyboard or from the smart meter is encrypted and sends to the destination. At the receiver end a junk message or garbage value is displayed and in order to view the original message, the authorized user should press the encryption key which is present in the receiver section.


 In the wake of globalization, the modern man is at cross roads pertaining to safety, security and privacy. Computer –enabled robbery, computer-enabled invasion of privacy is undoubtedly a menace to his vision. To avoid this safety measure is largely essential. For any sector safety and security is the primary thing and becomes complicated so encryption has to be done for protecting the data and it is one of the popular methods. The original message can be retrieved by decrypting the data. The data is converted into an unreadable form and transmitted. The original message can be retrieved at the receiving end by performing the reverse process of encryption so the protection of data can be done by the standard formats encryption and 124decryption. This project is made more flexible by the use of wireless communication i.e. the project is free from cabling and complex hardware connections. Coming to smart grid, it was a network of power infrastructure and wireless module which is used to manage and analyse the energy usage by continuous monitoring. Here the collector devices receive the information in an energy producer area. The operational centre of the producers manages the usage information. The wireless communication module shares the usage information or readings. Based on the readings taken by smart meter the billing is performed automatically. The technique proposed is built around controller, smart meter in the transmitting section and the receiving section .The functionality of the display and wireless control is provided by the controller and for given text it creates different display effects. There is a provision for connecting PS2 alphanumerical keyboard which can be used for typing the data and transmitting. This typed text can be transmitted to multipoint receivers. The keyboard can be disconnected by the user after entering the text .The addition or deletion or alteration of text. Here we can also have the knowledge on units of power consumed by the loads connected in the network. Suppose if two loads such as fan and light are connected and for example if they consumed five units then that information is displayed in the receiver LCD. So along with data security, we can also have the knowledge on no of units consumed by the loads in the network.

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