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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Fingerprint and iris biometric controlled smart banking machine embedded with GSM technology for OTP


Frauds attacking the automated teller machine has increased over the decade, which has motivated us to use the biometrics for personal identification to procure high level of security and accuracy This paper describes a system that replaces the ATM cards and PINs by the physiological biometric fingerprint and iris authentication. Moreover, the feature of one time password (OTP) imparts privacy to the users and emancipates him/her from recalling PINs. Additionally the system provides protection to the ATM terminal from fire and thief attacks by making provisions of the pump motor and a DC motor for rolling the shutter. In this system during enrolment the genuine user's fingerprint and iris samples of are retained in the database. The process of a transaction begins by capturing and matching fingerprints and iris patterns. The system will automatically distinguish between real, legitimate trait and fake samples. A GSM module connected to the ARM7 LPC2148 will message a 3-digit code generated by the system to the registered mobile number. After the valid OTP is entered, the user can either withdraw or deposit cash or check his/her balance. In any kind of fake access attempts the account is blocked. In this paper the experimental results are obtained on the data set of fingerprint and iris in real time using fingerprint module with a minutiae matching algorithm and a GUI based of Circular Hough Transform respectively.

Block Diagram

Requirement Analysis 

Hardware Requirement 
Microcontroller (Arduino), Finger-Print Module, LCD display, GSM module, DC motor, Power supply, Buzzer 

Software Requirement Arduino, Python

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