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Sunday, 17 June 2018



There is a major boom in oil and gas industry around the world thanks to the seemingly insatiable demand for fossil fuels in both developed and developing countries. The product together with petrol, petrochemicals, and lubricants all of that area unit used daily need economical and adequate provide to satisfy ever increasing demand. These products are valuable and rare creations of the nature. In Current days petroleum industries were distributing petrol using tankers to respective petrol pumps; which were normally manual distribution and was totally depends on man’s loyality who was doing this job. The proper use and distribution is important task to survive product. Our aim is to develop the safety system for the gasoline distribution tankers of fossil oil Company. The aim of the system is to open or close the tank-valve of the tanker controlling from control cabin. We will use GSM and RFID technology for this purpose.



One of the most essential things in today’s world is fuel. There are number of petrol pump around us. But as far as safety of Fuel distribution is concerned we are still behind the world. Leakage of petrol leads to a blast and stealing of petrol may lead to debacle. There our system may be the approach towards security of petrol distribution system. The main purpose of this project is to provide authentication to petrol distribution system. For this purpose we will use RFID and GSM technology. Our system consists of two main parts namely the control unit and tanker unit. The two systems will remote from one another can simply communicate with one another through GSM. The tanker unit which will be placed on tanker consists of RFID reader which will read authentication code of each petrol pump. The authentication code will send to control unit via GSM. The coding at control unit will help to control (to check authorized petrol pump, to send valve opening signal) and to keep record of all these things (authentication of company i.e. petrol pump total fuel delivered). In Short we satisfies all the needs related secure distribution of petrol. 

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