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Sunday, 3 June 2018

A Temporal Packet Marking Detection scheme against MIRA Attack in MANET

Mobile Ad-hoc Network is highly susceptible towards the security attacks due to its dynamic topology, resource constraint, energy constraint operations, limited physical security and lack of infrastructure. Misleading routing attack (MIRA) in MANET intend to delay packet to its fullest in order to generate time outs at the source as packets will not reach in time. Its main objective is to generate delay and increase network overhead. It is a variation to the sinkhole attack. In this paper, we have proposed a detection scheme to detect the malicious nodes at route discovery as well as at packet transmissions. The simulation results of MIRA attack indicate that though delay is increased by 91.30% but throughput is not affected which indicates that misleading routing attack is difficult to detect. The proposed detection scheme when applied to misleading routing attack suggests a significant decrease in delay.

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