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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Online Core Java Training Learn the most in-demand skill in industry.

Online Core Java Training Learn the most in-demand skill in industry. Duration: 6 weeks | Certified Training About Core Java Training The Core Java Training by Internshala is a 6-weeks online training program covering the basic concepts of Java and Object-Oriented Programming such as arrays, methods, and inheritance, polymorphism, classes etc. As a part of the project, students will learn about Java FX and develop an awesome game using the same concepts. You will learn through video tutorials. For great hands on learning experience, this training program is packed with assignments, assessment tests, and exercises. For doubt clearing, you would get 1-hour live chat support with the trainer every day. You can also use the Q&A forum provided. Following are the detailed table of contents of this training: Table of Contents 1. Getting started with Java: Learn the basic concepts of Java.  Introduction  Windows Setup  Mac Setup  Linux Setup  Your First Java App  Variables and Data Types  User Input  Operators: Part 1  Operators: Part 2  Conditional Statements  Let’s learn more 2. Leveraging Basic Concepts: Study about arrays, methods, iterators in detail. Learn what are methods in Java  Overview  Iterators  Arrays  String  Methods  Exception Handling  Let’s learn more 3. Object Oriented Programming: Learn the concept of OOP: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Classes and Objects.  Overview  Class and Object  Constructors  Getter and Setter  Inheritance  Polymorphism  Abstract keyword  Interface  Static keyword  Collections  File Handling  Let’s learn more 4. Connect 4 Game: Get introduced to Java FX and learn to develop an awesome game using Java concepts.  Overview  First JavaFX App  Exploring Controls - 1  Exploring Controls - 2  Exploring Containers  Menu, Menu Items and Menu Bar  Java 8 Features  Connect Four Game UI  Add Menu Bar  Create Playground  Create Playground – 2  Decide Winner  Final Touches  Deployment  Conclusion

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