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Monday, 28 May 2018

OCJP Certification

OCJP stands for Oracle Certified Java Programmer. This is the basic certification in the field of java. Say, you want to be an Android programmer, J2EE programmer or in any other Java technology, this certification is the most basic one. For many other certifications OCJP is kind of prerequisite.
  • Language Fundamentals  
  • Declarations and Access Control
  • Interfaces
  •  Operators  
  •  Flow Control  
  •  Exception Handling  
  •  Assertions  
  •  Garbage Collections  
  •  OOPs  
  •  Multi-Threading  
  •  java.lang Package: String,StringBuffer,StringBuilder,Wrapper Classes,Object,Autoboxing
  • package
  • Serialization  
  •  Collections  Framework
  •  Generics  
  •  Inner Classes  
  •  Internationalization  
  •  Development  
  •  Regular Expressions  
  •  enum

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