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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Linux Training and Project

We offers thorough Linux and UNIX Training,you will gain skills to manage data, execute commands and customize your LINUX and UNIX programming environment. In this training student will get clear technical idea about Unix. We are Providing In depth training in Unix Environment. It is very useful for Oracle Developers, C, C++ Java Programmers, Test Engineers, SAS developers and every software engineer.


What is Linux ? Why Linux?

  • History
  • Difference Between Linux and Windows
  • Difference Between Linux and Unix
  • GNU 
  • Usage
  • Career Options
  • Interesting Facts about Linux.
  • Why Linux is Virus proof?
  • Various Linux Distributions
  • Pros and Cons
  • Security


  • Who/why/what is root 

Basic commands

  • mkdir
  • touch
  • ls
  • pwd
  • cd
  • chmod
  • df
  • du
  • ddadduser
  • sort
  • passwd
  • rm/rmdir

Editors/GNU/LINUX OS Installation 

  • Switches and LAN Design 
  • Catalyst Switch Operation 
  • Extending Switched Network with Virtual LANS 
  • Inter VLAN Routing 
  • Describe how VLANs create logically separate networks and the need for routing between them 
  • Configure , verify and troubleshoot VLANs 
  • Configure Verify and Troubleshoot trunking on CISCO switches. 
  • Configure Verify and Troubleshoot inter VLAN routing 

LINUX SYSTEM Administration

  • Describe the operations and benefit of using private and public IP addressing.
  • Explain the operation and benefits of the using the DHCP and DNS. 
  • Configure verify and troubleshoot DHCP and DNS operation on a router (Including CLI/SDM) 
  • Implement static and dynamic addressing services for hosts in a LAN Environment.
  • Calculate and apply an addressing scheme including VLSM IP addressing design to network. 
  • Determine the appropriate class less addressing scheme using VLSM and summarization to satisfy addressing requirement in a LAN /WAN Environment. 
  • Describe the technological requirement for running IPv6 in conjunction with IPv4 (including: protocols dual stack tunneling etc) 
  • Describe IPv6 addresses 
  • Identify and correct common problems associated with IP addressing and host configurations.

Configure, verify and troubleshoot basic router operation and routing on CISCO devices.

  • Describe basic routing concepts (including packet forwarding, router bootup process, POST, router components) 
  • Describe the operation of Cisco routers (including: router bootup process, POST , router components 
  • Select the appropriate media cables ports and connectors to connectors to connect routers to other network devices and hosts. 
  • Configure, Verify and troubleshoot RIP v2 
  • Access and utilize the router to set basic parameters (including: CLI/SDM )
  • Connect, configure and verify operation status of a device interface. 
  • Verify device configuration and network connectivity using ping, ping traceroute, telnet, SSH or other utilities 
  • Perform and verify routing configuration tasks for static or default route given specific routing requirements. 
  • Manage IOS Configurations files. (Including Save, Edit, Upgrade, Restore) 
  • Manage Cisco IOS. 

Implementing and Verifying WAN Links

  • Describe Different methods for connection to a WAN 
  • Configure and Verify a Basic WAN serial connection 
  • Troubleshoot WAN implementation issues 
  • Describe WAN Technology 
  • Configure and verify a PPP connection between CISCO routers 
  • Compare and contrast Method of routing and routing protocols 
  • Configure, Verify and troubleshoot OSPF 
  • Configure, Verify and troubleshoot EIGRIP Verifying Network Connectivity

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