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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Data Analytics / Data Mining / Web Mining

Data Analytics / Data Mining / Web Mining
Latest 2018 IEEE projects on, and Cyber Security. has emerged in recent few years and has huge opportunity in future. We help engineering and computer science Students to make their best project for final year at very economic price. We have quick mini projects as well as you can get help in your own project idea. We follow every standard of IEEE final year project guideline and deliver successful data and projects.

Generally, is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information - information that can be used to increase revenue, cuts costs, or both. software is one of a number of analytical tools for analyzing data allows users to analyze data from many different dimensions or angles, categorize it, and summarize the relationships identified. Technically, is the process of finding correlations or patterns among dozens of fields in large relational databases.

  1. Get To The Point: Summarization with Pointer-Generator Networks
  2. Monitoring vehicle speed using GPS and catagrizing driver using datamining approach
  3. Segmenting customers with Data Mining Techniques.
  4. Incremental Semi-Supervised Clustering Ensemble for High Dimensional Data Clustering
  5. Cricket data Analysis & Prediction
  6. Clustering Data Streams Based on Shared Density Between Micro-Clusters
  7. Track Summary Report for the Data Exploration in the Web 3.0 Age (DEW) Track
  8. Privacy-Preserving Multiple Linear Regression of Vertically Partitioned Real Medical Datasets
  9. Implementation of Data Mining Techniques in Upcoding Fraud Detection in the Monetary Domains
  10. Authenticated Outlier Mining for Outsourced Databases
  11. An Improved Vertical Algorithm for Frequent Itemset Mining from Uncertain Database
  12. A Survey on Political Event Analysis in Twitter.
  13. A Non-Parametric Algorithm for DiscoveringTriggering Patterns of Spatio-Temporal Event Types
  14. A Cypher Query based NoSQL Data Mining on Protein Datasets using Neo4j Graph Database
  15. Chronic kidney disease analysis using data mining classification techniques
  16. Gene Selection by Sample Classification using k Nearest Neighbor and Meta-heuristic Algorithms
  17. Outlier detection techniques for network attacks.
  18. Distributed Storage Design for Encrypted Network Intrusion Record (DSeNiR)
  19. Distributed Storage Design for Encrypted Network Intrusion Record (DSeNiR)
  20. Time Table Generation
  21. Invoice Generator
  22. Faculty Feedback And Growth Analyser
  23. A Big Data Clustering Algorithm for Mitigating the Risk of Customer Churn
  24. Suspect Verification Based on Indian Law System
  25. Mining Partially-Ordered Sequential Rules Common to Multiple Sequences
  26. Mining High Utility Patterns in One Phase without Generating Candidates
  27. TASC:Topic-Adaptive Sentiment Classification on Dynamic Tweets
  28. A Compendium for Prediction of Success of a Movie Based Upon Different Factors
  29. Canopy Clustering Based K Strange Point Detection.
  30. Automated Discovery of Small Business Domain Knowledge Using Web Crawling and Data Mining
  31. Comparitive Analysis of K-Means and Fuzzy C Menas on Thiroid Disease
  32. The Classification Techniques on Medical Data to Predict Heart Disease
  33. Improved Techniques for Sentiment Analysis on Social Network.
  34. Enriched Content Mining For Web Applications
  35. Text Mining-Supported Information Extraction
  36. Dynamic Query Forms for Database Queries
  37. A Privacy Leakage Upper-Bound Constraint Based Approach for Cost-Effective Privacy Preserving of Intermediate Datasets In cloud
  38. Automatic Medical Disease Treatment System Using Datamining
  39. Efficient Algorithms for Mining High Utility Itemsets from Transactional Databases
  40. Automatic Itinerary Planning for Traveling Services
  41. Identifying Features in Opinion Mining via Intrinsic and Extrinsic Domain Relevance
  42. Keyword Query Routing
  43. The Role of Apriori Algorithm for Finding the Association Rules in Data Mining
  44. Secure Data Mining in Cloud using Homomorphic Encryption
  45. RuleGrowth: Mining Sequential Rules Common to Several Sequences by Pattern-Growth
  46. Secure Mining of Association Rules in Horizontally Distributed Databases
  47. Efficient Mining of Both Positive and Negative Association Rules

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