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Monday, 28 May 2018



This paper proposes real time college bus tracking and student information who are travelling in the bus. This system is very useful for parents. This system can route the information to the location module for tracking. We have also proposed student information system for parents to view student’s details that keep them updated about the entry details of student by using QR scanner. Parents can locate the bus in the route map. Using this system, parents can also get their ward’s travelling, payment details and can communicate with their parents through notifications. Index Terms— GPS, QR code.


 Bus Tracking System is a commonly used application for tracking vehicles. Due to traffic congestion and road works, most of the buses are delayed. People have to wait for their bus at the bus stops for a long time without even knowing when the bus will arrive. Thus, the arrival time of the bus cannot be guaranteed. The main focus of the project is to save the waiting time of students and provide them the details of the bus. The latest technology like GPS are highly useful now a days. This system enables the people to observe and track the buses and find out its movement. The main aim of this project is to track the college buses which would give the exact location of buses with the help of Google map and help the parents to know whether their students have reached college safely or not. This will be more helpful for students to know whether they missed their bus or not. In addition, this will also enhance the security since the movement of the college buses is always available.

Problem Solution
The solution to the problem is to develop an app that supports GPS tracking, which will help the parents to know the current location of the bus and also sends notification indicating that the student had entered the right bus.The fee validation detailsis also provided by this webapp.

C. Problem Solving Methodologies

1) Existing System: In the existing system, the parents and students does not know the exact location of the college bus and whenever they need to know about the location, they has to call and ask someone. Sometimes the bus may also get delayed by few circumstances such as traffic congestion. Then they will not be able to decide whether the bus has arrived or not. Due to this, they may face many problems such as late arrival to the college. Parents will not be aware whether their student is travelling in college bus, also they does not know whether the students are going to or from the concerned bus stop.

 2) Proposed System: The proposed system provides the user to find exact location of the bus from where they are. The position of the bus is displayed in the Google map. The  distance between the bus and its stop is also displayed so this system helps the students/parents to be aware of where the bus is exactly. Depending on the information like distance and position displayed in the Google map they can plan and start accordingly. The system provides the current location of the bus. In proposed system, QR Code is used for analyzing the students attendance, in which the QR code of students with some basic information is created and placed on students bus pass. It will be scanned when they board the bus both while going to and coming from school. The each student has a unique QR code generated by college. At the time of scanning the QR code, the details of the code will be compared with data stored in the database. After scanning students data will be updated in database. Also in this system fee validation notification will be send to corresponding parent and student.

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