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Sunday, 13 May 2018

An end-to-end IT consulting firm

Custom software development

By listening to our clients closely and respecting their vision, our custom software development team create scalable solutions that addresses workplace challenges and capitalizes on market opportunities. Our solutions can be found in urban office towers, out in the field, and in the deepest wilderness, helping our clients improve core business functions, manage oil and gas industry data, trade energy online, conduct geological surveys, analyze financial data, and more. 

Realizing your vision
We are proud to partner with innovators who leverage their niche or vertical expertise to creatively address unmet needs and untapped opportunities. We work closely with these experts to help them transform their ideas into functional, usable technologies that can enhance or even transform an entire sector.

We’ve helped our clients successfully launch custom software solutions for wildlife management, commodity trading, mining, geological surveying, HR, licensing and permitting, and many other industries. We’re inspired by the ideas our clients bring to the table and by the process of bringing those ideas to life. Our consultative, custom software development methods respect the vision while ensuring that the final product is delivered on time and within budget.

We are agile and collaborative
We use agile methodology to ensure that high value business goals are met early and that change is continually supported. We collaborate with our clients to rank the product backlog and provide continuous feedback throughout the development process to ensure that we are always aligned with their vision.

Enhancing your business
A unique combination of business, analytic, and technical skills enables us to solve your business issues elegantly and cost-effectively with custom software development solutions. We work closely with your organization to identify pain points, define the business need, and evaluate a range of options that put your budget, timelines, and business objectives first.

While we are experienced custom software developers with a proven track record of creating scalable, user-friendly browser-based technologies from scratch, we are also skilled system integrators. Before committing you to the costs and timeframe of a custom build, we look at options for creatively adapting and integrating pre-existing software packages to deliver the critical business and decision-support systems you need to move your organization forward.

We are an end-to-end software development partner
Our end-to-end services cover the complete IT lifecycle: strategic planning, custom software development, systems integration, infrastructure design/build, system operation and support.

We serve Western Canada, including Vancouver and Calgary. We encourage you to contact us if you are looking for an experienced software developer to elevate your business. 

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