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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Utility Bill Payment Collection Center Java Project

Utility bill payment collection center is a java project where users can get pay bills online via credit card. This system automates the conventional process of paying the utility bills. By using this system users don’t have visit the office for bill payment.
This utility bill payment project is a web based java application. Users can pay their bill through Cash, Cheaque or DD from anywhere and anytime. Those bills like electricity, water & telephone bills can be paid.
This project would be having two logins, admin and user login. Admin can view user account details and can even add or updates things in their account. Admin has to feed the system with electricity usage data into respective users account.
All the process in this system will be partially computerized to make the process of payment mare easier. On the other side  government is planning to  introduce a online portal where the customer will  have the luxury of paying their  bills at their convenience through Internet .
Users will be provided by unique username and password. Users can pay utility bill at anytime once they are registered to the site.
The main objective of this Utility Bill Payment Collection Center project is to manage online process where people can pay the utility bill easily. To provide easy , fast and accurate service to the users in bill payment.
Administrator should be able to add/edit users give roles and permissions.
Operator/System User:
Operator/System user should be able to login, collect bills and operate on bill records to insert on centralized server based on authorization key . Based on the Department & customer id selection, system should pull out form from the department server and should show if any outstanding exists. Operator should have only insert new transaction permission.
Supervisor should have add and edit permissions so that in case of mistake he can rectify it easily.
Center Manager:
Center manager should have permission to view reports in addition to  Supervisor permissions
External Auditor:
External Auditor should have permission to see all transactions along with details and log files. There should be provision to receive advance payment from the customer.

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