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Friday, 30 March 2018

Synopsis for Mobile Ticketing Portal Project

Synopsis: This Mobile Ticketing Portal document covers the overview of one such application – Mobile Ticketing that will be the killer app for this very promising platform.
Mobile Ticketing exclusively developed for PVR Cinemas is a utility for its mobile phone users to book tickets.  Also, it gives an opportunity for the PVR Administration staff to update movie information using a web-client which can be accessible only by authorized persons.
Archetypical view of this Mobile Ticketing Portal project can be classified into three components with MySQL as the backend.  Namely:
  1. J2ME Client
  2. Web-client (JSP / Servlets)
  3. Server side (JSP / Servlets)
Component Features:
J2ME Client
  1. Update Weekly Movie Schedules – User on his mobile phone clicks the update button to get the next week’s movie schedules and automatically it will be stored in the RMS.
  2. Book Tickets – User can book movie tickets from this feature by the details already available on his mobile through the update option.
  3. History – A log of the previous bookings done by the user will be stored on his mobile and which can be viewed by this tool.
  4. Movie Reviews – User can check out Movie reviews by connecting to the server.
  5. F.A.Q – A user manual is kept stored in the mobile phone as online help.
  1. Login – Administrator mode login is available
  2. Add New Film to the list
  3. Add Cinema Info
  4. Add Language Info
  5. Schedule Film Date, Timings and Ticket Availability Status
Server-side Component 
Along with the request processing being done bye the server for its clients, Server will send an SMS as acknowledgement after booking tickets with ticket numbers reserved for the number of tickets booked. 
Hardware Requirements:
  1. Mobile Phone with GPRS enabled
  2. Pentium II or above with at least 2.0GB Hard disk
Software Requirements:
  1. J2SE
  2. J2ME wireless toolkit
  3. Tomcat
  4. MySQL
Future Enhancements: 
  1. Concentrate on other theaters too.
  2. Movie Reviews with a trailer being played out as an audio or video file.
  3. Download Ring tones and Wallpapers.

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