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Monday, 5 March 2018

Restaurant table order management system on android

Restaurant table order management 

system on android

Abstract: With rapid increase in the use of mobile phones, the desire for people to access mobile internet to get information and services from anywhere and everywhere has increased. There is an increase in number of restaurants and restaurant-goers which necessitates enhancement of the hospitality industry. This research work aims to design and implement a remote food ordering system, through which one can order food before visiting a restaurant, book table, and also make payment. Moreover, two or more customers can place orders for the same table from remote locations. This application consists of three applications within itself. First is for the customer who can book tables and place orders. Second is for the kitchen unit in a restaurant, which enables the staff to view current orders. Third is for the manager of that restaurant in order to keep track of all the transactions. We have made use of a recommendation engine that suggests menu to a customer while placing order. We have also made use of a compression algorithm that compresses the size of images used throughout the application at various stages. This system increases quality and speed of service. It also increases the popularity of restaurants among potential customers. Implementing this system gives a cost-efficient opportunity to give customers a personalized service experience where they are in control of choosing what they want, when they want it – from dining to ordering to payment. We have chosen Android platform because it is most widely used today and is very economical. Restaurant table order management system android
In current available applications, some form of static menu is utilized to convey the available food and beverage choices to customers. Said menus are generally photo based and hence impose restrictions on the textual real estate available and the ability a restaurateur has to update them. This application specifies the requirements for a restaurant digital menu and ordering replacement strategy to alleviate the problems associated with the current archaic method. Three related concepts are encompassed by the general scope of the Restaurant Menu and Ordering System. The first pertains to the replacement of photo menus using an electronic format, the second relates to a and the third surrounds the process of transferring said electronic orders to the kitchen for preparation. It should be noted that while the suggested strategy incorporates the use of various hardware components, the primary focus of the presented SRS relates to the constituent software elements. The following are the features which can be a part of the proposed system: Ordering, Waiting, Billing, Table Reservation, Home Delivery, KOT, and Advertisement.

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