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Thursday, 22 March 2018

QoS-Aware Data Replications and Placements for Query Evaluation of Big Data Analytics

Enterprise users at different geographic locations generate large-volume data and store their data at different geographic datacenters. These users may also issue ad hoc queries of big data analytics on the  stored data to identify valuable information in order to help them make strategic decisions. However, it is well known that querying such large-volume big data usually is time-consuming and costly. Sometimes, users are only interested in timely approximate rather than exact query results. When this approximation is the case, applications must sacrifice either timeliness or accuracy by allowing either the latency of delivering more accurate results or the accuracy error of delivered results based on the samples of the data, rather than the entire set of data itself. In this paper, we study the QoSaware data replications and placements for approximate query evaluation of big data analytics in a distributed cloud, where the original (source) data of a query is distributed at different geo-distributed datacenters. We focus on placing the samples of the source data with certain error bounds at some strategic datacenters to meet users’ stringent query response time. We propose an efficient algorithm for evaluating a set of big data analytic queries with the aim to minimize the evaluation cost of the queries while meeting their response time requirements. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm through experimental simulations. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is promising.

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