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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Online Shopping Web Application

Project title: Online Shopping
Online shopping is a web based application. The main of this project is to provide better experience in the area of shopping scenario.
Existing system:
In current scenario, if we want to buy anything it may be cloths or accessories then we need to go shopping mall and search for product. Ask to others to know the details about the product which we want to buy. Need to wait in a queue.
  1. Manual work needed to go and buy the things in shopping mall.
  2. Proper information not available about the products.
  3. Waiting in a queue.
  4. Manual payment.
  5. Time Taking process.
Proposed system:
By using of this application is user can search their products according to their requirement. They can know brief information about the products. They can buy in online using online payment. They can take a snapshot of the product while trial.
  • No need of doing manual work.
  • Quick way and easy way
  • No need to wait in a long queue
  • Online payment
  • Better user trial experience
  • Convenient way
  • No need to approach others for getting details.
By using of this application we can overcome the problem which are facing in current scenario and we can introduce a new way in shopping

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