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Friday, 30 March 2018

Online Real Estate System .Net Project


Online real estate system is a project which provides a friendly format for buying and selling properties. Users can search and browse for property in this application. This application also allows users to book the property online. This application mainly concentrates on maintaining and managing the details of the property. This application deals with buying and selling the houses, lands, commercial properties all over the world.

Existing System:

The existing real estate system is converted to the computerized system. This system is a manual where storing information is very difficult. This is not a web-based system and cannot be accessed easily. A lot of communication gap between customer and seller. If customer/seller wants to update the details of his property, he should contact the agent or visit office. If customer/seller gives any updated details regarding his property then agent have to change all the details on every record-keeping register.

Proposed System:

The proposed real estate system allows a user to store property, customer, seller, and staff details. It allows users to update, search property details and use them whenever necessary. It will also be able to provide financial, sold properties, all staff, all contacts reports.

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