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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Network-level Performance Enhancement in WirelessNanosensor Networks through Multi-layer Modifications

Researchers consider wireless nanosensor networks (WNSNs) as a revolutionary emerging network paradigm from the point of its diversified applications and contributions to the humanity. Existing research in this field is still in elementary stage and performance enhancement via designing protocol suit
represents a potential issue to address for this field. However, most of the studies in the literature mainly focus on lower layers, i.e., Physical and MAC layer protocols leaving upper layers such as Network layer and Transport layer protocols still unexplored. Therefore, in this paper, we explore performance enhancement in WNSNs via modifications in the existing network and transport layers protocols. In this paper, we devise a hierarchical AODV routing protocol and an acknowledgement-based UDP protocol
for WNSNs. We perform rigorous simulation in ns-2 to prove the efficacy and efficiency of our proposed mechanisms. Our simulation results reveal significant performance enhancement in wireless nanosensor networks for our proposed protocols.

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