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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

List of Mini & Major Projects Below:

List of Mini & Major Projects Below:
  1. Online Examination System
  2. Email System
  3. Sybille detection of social networking.
  4. E- Voting
  5. college management system portal
  6. Efficient two server password authentication key exchange.
  7. Online No Due System.
  8. Multiparty access control of social network.
  9. Chat application widget.
  10. Online Personal diary.
  11. Bus Transport Management System
  12. Single sign in technique in network.
  13. Online Property buys and sells.
  14. Online Medicine Description/Information.
  15. College Feedback System.
  16. Students secure file storage.
  17. Hospital management System.
  18. File transfers using cryptography method.
  19. Revisiting defense against large scale online password attaches.
  20. Hospital management System.
  21. Providing security to the user data by using encryption technique.
  22. Online shopping minor project.
  23. Detecting duplicate record in network.
  24. Pre-Leave Management System
  25. School Management System.
  26. Faculty Voting /feedback by students
  27. Job Portal System.
  28. E-Complaints (Police)
  29. Multi storage files with different database.
  30. Reservation rent car-a-car in PHP.
  31. Pharmacy management System.
  32. Dynamic database creation.
  33. Online Recruitment System.
  34. File Transfer Using Cryptographic Techniques.
  35. Random Password Generation System with mailing.
  36. Minimizing File Downloading using File Splitting.
  37. Image Transfer using cryptography key.
  38. Computer lab management system.
  39. library management system.
  40. Privacy Preserving Data Sharing With Anonymous ID Assignment.
  41. Dynamic Query Forms for Database Queries.
  42. Searching a image from websites
  43. Statistical Entity Extraction from Web
  44. Question Answering System for an Effective Collaborative Learning
  45. Xml data migration.
  46. Phishing website.
  47. Campuspedia(managing library, lab dept , principle and HOD, lecture-stop Module);
  48. Collage feedback system.
  49. Fully anonymous profile matching.
  50. Supporting search-as-you-type using sql in databases.
  51. Website Ranking System
  52. Student Information System
  53. Online Secure File Transfer System
  54. E-Voting For Association
  55. Encrypted Register Form
  56. Courier Tracking Systems
  57.  Key Management for Content Integration.
  58. Comparative entity mining.
  59. Sensitive label of privacy protection on cloud storage.
  60. Two Tail of privacy preserving on online social network.
  61. Attendance Management System.
  62. Online Tourist management system.

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