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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Industrial Visit Planning & Booking System

Industrial Visit Planning & Booking System

Industry Visit Tour System is a specific web based reservation system designed to make it easier for people or college to book industrial tour packages online. The most important part of the Industry Visit tour project is its database. The database is full of Buses, Trains, Airplane timings and availability. Online travel agency is a web based project where a user may search and apply for a travel service or package. The system allows the user to check various travel destinations and choose his destination accordingly. The software system checks for user choice and then queries the database for various available mediums to travel to that destination. The system then loads all that data and puts those choices in front of the user. The user can now choose various ways to reach his destination. When the user chooses the Bus, train or Airplane option, the system also allows the user to book tickets to the destination for the desire day and timings. Thus this software system automates the working of a travel agency and allows users to check and book his holidays online through this website. One more important functionality available in this project if needed is that the receipt of holiday booking is sent to the user’s mobile phone on successful booking of his holiday. This feature is optional and can be provided in the project if needed.

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