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Friday, 2 March 2018

How can you make most out of an internship?

How can you make most out of an internship?

While it is common for engineering students to apply for internships and go for training, not everyone will come out successful. Success here is not about the certificate that you get, but the experience that you gain and how you are utilizing it to develop a great career.
So here are some tips which you can use to make the most out of an aeronautical internship,
  1. Build great contacts: Internships offer you a very good platform to meet a lot of new people, most of them being far experienced in their field and have a very good industrial expertise. Building relationships with them will help you in multiple ways even after your internship, from getting reference to landing in your first job. So utilize your internship to identify great people and build relationship with them.

  2. Learn as much as you can: While you are at internship, you will have a great advantage of interacting with almost everyone across varied departments. Utilize this opportunity to learn as much as you can. It is all about you, if you have the zeal and motivation to learn new things, people over there will surely assist you. Learning is the most important thing that you need to do at your internship.

  3. Understand the corporate culture: When you are at an internship, you will find the culture and the way people work there to be little different than what you have experienced in your college. You should understand the corporate culture and prepare yourself to work in such kind of environment. This will give you an added advantage once you go for an actual job, where you already know how to get along with people and maintain a decorum.

  4. Improve your soft skills too: One of the most important skills that you need to improve is your soft skills, which will greatly assist you in landing at your first job. For this, you can utilize the internship as an effective platform to improve your interpersonal skills, from effective communication to collaboration with team members & management skills. In addition to the technical knowledge that you get during your internship, the soft skills that you gain will greatly boost your confidence.

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