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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Hotel Management System in Java

This Hotel Management Project in Java is designed once and can be updated many times, so the burden of application maintenance is short listed by all the general guidelines.
The main task for  Hotel Management Project in java is ahead to see all the things whether they are running smoothly or not, this software will be capable of doing or performing following tasks:
  •     Reservation.
  •     Registration.
  •     Billing/Clearance of Guest Folio.
  •     Checkout.
This Hotel Management Project in java is developed keeping in mind the various aspects of hotels in public sector as well as in private sector. This software is intended to be developed for Deluxe Class / Super-Deluxe Class Hotels. A Comparison will be done of Deluxe Class Hotels in public sector and in private sector and then the resultant / desired software will be developed.
This Hotel Management project in java uses Java as its front end and MS-Access database management system will be used as “Backend” which will be capable of recording information and high level language “Java” will serve as “Front end” for the software. The database will be capable of doing following operations:
  •     Keeping records of various customers that visit in the hotel.
  •     Keeping records of various items that are served to the customers.
  •     Keeping records of customer’s Check-in/Check-out timings.

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