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Monday, 5 March 2018

GPS location finder to identify hospital and ATM

ABSTRACT:Global positioning system find nearby location Street Address, City, Country and Zip code. Also Show you’re way to reach the place with speed of travelling. This application is used for emergency case we able to find location of nearby hospitals and contact detail. It’s providing automatically emergence call to the particular location. Google map find distance of the two places. Also know driving direction of the two cities and Travelling time and distance of the place. Application is finding nearby hospitals via the GPS and also driving direction. GPS location finder to identify hospital and ATM
PROPOSED SYSTEM:Among the improvements proposed to this scheme are the extremes of the “flat” scheme and the “hierarchical” scheme. The former proposes using a single-level hierarchy of location registers, while the latter proposes building a rooted tree of location registers. In the flat scheme, upon receiving a LOCREQ, the HLR assigns a temporary address based on the VLR/MSC at which the called mobile is located rather than require an additional message exchange from the HLR to the VLR/MSC to obtain a temporary address assignment. The mobile’s permanent address is tunneled in the call setup message, while the temporary address is used to route the connection from the call-originating switch to the mobile’s current switch. The hierarchical scheme uses a hierarchy of location registers to localize both mobile tracking and mobile locating messages. A registration is propagated up the hierarchy until it reaches a location register beyond which there is no change of information regarding the mobile’s location. The call setup message (or an explicit location query) is sent up the hierarchy until it reaches a location register that knows the location of the mobile, from which point the hierarchy is traced in the downward direction to reach (or determine) the exact switch where the mobile is located.
  • Can Track the hospital details easily
  • No Need to call them
  • Can get exact location information from GPS
  • Google Map
  • Nearest Location List
  • Alert Notifications
  • Settings
  • Share

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