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Friday, 30 March 2018

Food Express Android Project


The objective of the Food Express application is to develop a system that offers new services online. Food express is an android application which is designed to order the food online via mobile application while traveling through a train. While people travel the long distance through a train, the main problem they face is food.
To overcome such problem we want to develop a mobile application through which we are ordering the food online. If the person wants to order food he/she can directly order the food from our application, So that the food is delivered directly to his/her seat and cash-on-delivery (COD) process takes place between the customer and the person who delivers the food to user from the particular restaurant which he/she orders.
This Food Express application provides more comfort for the users in ordering the food and to avoid the railway catering system. By implementing this Food Express project in the present railway system, the passengers can overcome the problems faced regarding their food needs.


  • We studied the efficient use of developing a Food Express Android application and making great use of it.
  • We focused on the problems faced by the passengers who are traveling by train and developed this android application to overcome the causes affecting the people.
  • We used these results to determine the usage of this application is very easy and everyone can make use of it by ordering their desired food at any place at any time.
  • Finally, based on our research, we proposed an approach to find the possibilities of reaching the passengers with their ordered food, which accounts for the expected data transfer time over the available duration for the order to be placed.
  • Main Moto to develop this app is to help the passengers to have a healthy food


  • In future, we suggest to use this technology in communication field to avoid the unhygienic food and overcome health problems for current using railway catering system.
  • Because of maintenance cost of this technology is very low compared to the current using method that is economically this method became cheap and also results are very accurate.
Software and Hardware Requirements
Operating system    :Windows
Coding language     : Android
Tool kit                  :Android5.0
IDE                  :Eclipse
System                     :Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
Hard disk                 :40 GB
Monitor                    :15 VGA Color
RAM                        : 1GB

Runtime Environment Requirements
Device   :   Mobile / Tablet
OS  :  Android

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