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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Efficient Claim System Java Project


Efficient claim system is designed to enable the claimants to perform their activities more efficiently.


Efficient claim system is a java web application which is developed to maintain all the information in a centralized database. The information can be accessed by any one that is claimant or any other representatives in the system. The system allows one to conduct all operations effectively and efficiently.


The main  objective of this Efficient Claim System Java Project is to design and develop a system for the processing of settlement of the claim very promptly and fairly.


Claimant module:
Claimant is the actual user and need to register first and applying for claims to csr. Then csr will performs all the process and finally updates status to the claimant.
Claim service representative:
CSR sits on in the call-center and attends calls from the insured , claimants and agents. He obtains information regarding the loss and registers the FNOL (first notice of loss) in the system. He can change the status of FNOL.FNOL will have the information that is required to register the loss and will be specific to LOB(line of business).
FNOL supervisor:
The FNOL supervisor has the capacity to view, modify, delete and verify the FNOLs. He can assign FNOL to inspection /survey team to inspect the accident claim or theft claim for further clarification.
Inspection/survey :
Inspection/survey user will go to the address as mentioned in the FNOL and will gather all the details and verify if the claim is valid or not. If not then the FNOL will be rejected.

Software Requirement:

Web Presentation                   :           HTML, CSS
Client – side Scripting            :           JavaScript
Programming Language         :           Java
Web based Technologies        :           Servlets, JSP
Java Version                            :           JDK1.5
Backend Database                  :           Oracle 10g
Operating System                   :           Windows XP/2000/2003,LINUX
Web Server                             :           Tomcat 5.5
Browser                                   :           IE/Mozilla

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