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Saturday, 31 March 2018

E Farming Java Project


E-Farming is an Java & Oracle based application which gives an idea to the farmers how to use e-farming to sell their products. Farmers will get all the new ideas to improve their productivity and they can buy and sell their products online.


E-Farming is a web application developed for farmers. This application gives  suppose to the village farmers who want to use this facility and who want to learn how is it possible and how they can use e-farming to sell their products.
If the farmers have knowledge of computer then they can directly register in the site and sell their product otherwise they can contact company’s computer professional who will schedule classes to teach them basics of computers and internet. They can know how they can open this site and register with  it and sell their products online etc.
E-Farming is a project  developed to build a website which will help farmers from to sell their products to different cities through online. Farmers can use this facility and can learn how is it possible and how they can use e-farming to sell their products.


The main objective of this project is build a website which will help farmers from Indian villages to sell their products to different cities.


This E-Farming Java Project has 4 major modules below:


Admin should be able to see all record from any users. The records shown for selling should be available in a format of Quantity name , Quantity available, price.  The database should be robust enough to handle all the online transactions which will be happening parallel.


People can register in the site for some basic e learning like if some user wants to learn how to operate computer, they can go and learn it from the site. Site should also be available in local languages as per States.

Computer professionals:

Automatic transfer of mails to company’s computer professional if some user enrolled for basic course There should be facility of scheduling classes for farmers who enrolled for basic courses.


Daily report of enrollment to Admin. Monthly report of enrollment as per states to Admin.  Work hours uses of Computer professionals on a monthly basis to Admin.

Software Requirement:

Operating System                   :           Windows Xp
Technology                              :           Java and J2EE
Web Technologies                  :           Html, JavaScript, CSS
Web Server                             :           Tomcat 5.5
Database                                 :           Oracle 10G
Java Version                            :           JDK1.6

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