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Thursday, 22 March 2018

ClubCF: A Clustering-based Collaborative Filtering Approach for Big Data Application

Spurred by service computing and cloud computing, an increasing number of services are emerging on the Internet. As a result, service-relevant data become too big to be effectively processed by traditional approaches. In view of this challenge, a Clustering-based Collaborative Filtering approach (ClubCF) is proposed in this paper, which aims at recruiting similar services in the same clusters to recommend services collaboratively. Technically, this approach is enacted around two stages. In the first stage, the available services are divided into small-scale clusters, in logic, for further processing. At the second stage, a collaborative filtering algorithm is imposed on one of the clusters. Since the number of the services in a cluster is much less than the total number of the services available on the web, it is expected to reduce the online execution time of collaborative filtering. At last, several experiments are conducted to verify the availability of the approach, on a real dataset of 6,225 mashup services collected from ProgrammableWeb.

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