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Cattle have long been a very important component of many farming systems. They are used for the production of milk, dairy products like cheese, butter, ghee, cream, meat etc. which is very important source of good health as well as good income for a number of families. As the population is growing very fast, this business is also growing at a very rapid rate.
So, understanding the needs of both the cattle buyer and the seller we have designed a website which can play a vital role in their business.
The project cattle management system is a web based application that allows the administrator to handle all the activities online like selling and purchasing of various animals by the needful people quickly and safely.
Using Interactive GUI anyone can quickly learn to use the complete system. Using this, the administrator doesn’t have to sit and manage the entire activities on paper and at the same time, the head will feel comfortable to keep check of the whole system just with the availability of internet.
This system will give him power and flexibility to manage the entire system from the single online portal.
The aim of the project is to provide various services to the buyers like they can select the cattle of their choice to buy or also they can sell any of their cattle on the website at the desirable selling price.
There are two kinds of is commercial and the other one is registered cattle. The animals that are breeding for the sales of the products like eggs or wool etc. are called commercial cattle.
The ones which are registered with any association are called registered cattle. The system is very useful for the people of dairy or the person who are related to the business of livestock as sitting under one roof they can see, analyse, buy or sell the cattle according to their requirements.
They do not need to go door to door for the same purpose. The helpline number is also provided to the buyers for all kinds of assistance.