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Monday, 5 March 2018

Career Guide Information System for Students

Career Guide Information System for 


Abstract: Career Guide Information System for students (CGIS) provides an automated online platform where students no matter their locations can get real online guide on their future careers and subjects choices and combinations that will help them realize their dreams. In developing this application a cutting-edge software development technology, the Object-Oriented design approach, is adopted which is an evolutionary and iterative process that encompasses abstractions of the system attributes and behaviours using necessary tools such as Unified Modeling language (UML) and implemented using PHP programming Language and MySQL, which offers lots of benefits that help the application to customize operations running on a server. The Career Guidance Information System for students enjoys additional benefit running on XAMPP technology which is robust and allows the application to use TCP/IP for intranet packet sharing and file/information transfers across system. The system provides an interactive friendly environment between online counselors and students. The students and Counselors are to be registered on the Career Guidance Information System for students (CGIS) by providing their biodata and user names and passwords. The Counselors will in addition provide their areas of expertise. Once they are activated by admin, the student can login and choose his/her preferred Career Counselor and send his/her queries. The interaction between Counselors and Students can continue until issues are solved.
Problem Definition
This project is for Online Career Guidance, which guides the students for the best career opportunities available for them. After 10th/ 12th, a student has many questions in his mind. The objective of this project is to develop a Android based career guidance system.
The main problems with the existing system:-
•Manual System itself describe as an outdated.
•Difficult to handle and manage.
•Lots of paperwork as all data is maintained in legers, sheets and files.
•Searching of records is cumbersome as search process takes place within paper records.
•As paperwork is there, the readability of document might not be proper due to improper handwriting, paper getting older fades the ink, or any other reason.
•Records can easily be accessible to any intruder.
•Operations on records take much long time.
•Requires much manpower.
•More time consuming.
•Not reliable and effective.
•Reports generations have complexity.
Proposed System:-
Android based Career Guidance System maintains information about the different career options. It notifies every student with the availability of career opportunities as per the criteria in which the student has shown an interest.
A Career Guidance System is an android app where students can see various career opportunities, the system shows various fields available after 10th, 12th, for graduation. It also lists various options available where students can search best option amongst it. Next the system allows users to give a test. It is actually a series of tests of various general questions. After test completion a score is calculated for each test. Based on those results the system manipulates and calculates the best career for that user. This result is then emailed to that user. The system also consists of an admin module. The admin can login to the system and manages Category, Different fields, Questions etc.

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