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Monday, 5 March 2018

Android Smartphone Find The Companion Location

Android Smartphone Find The Companion Location

Abstract— The motivation for every location based information system is: ―To assist with the exact information, at right place in real time with personalized setup and location sensitiveness‖. In this era we are dealing with smartphones, which are going to replace the bulky desktops even for computational purposes. Such needs can only be catered with the help of LBS. But these applications are limited to desktops only. We need to import them on mobile devices All the information must be available in his mobile device and also in user customized format. Our project ‗Android application for location based service on mobile‘ is based on the mobile operating system ‗Android‘, GPS technology .Android operating system & Java technology emerges as one of the hottest topic in field of information technology. The Android operating system is comprised of a virtual machine that runs on the Linux kernel, plus APIs, and a collection of built-in applications. A location-based service (LBS) is a mobile application that is dependent on the location of a mobile device. A positioning component is usually needed in a LBS application to determine the location of user’s mobile device. Most of the current LBS services do not require users to input location manually, like giving zip code or street name. Android Smartphone Find The Companion Location
Keywords— Android operating system, LBS, GPS, Google Maps.Reputation based security
There are various constraints to implement Location Based Services. The different kinds of constraints include :
Technology Constraints:- The most important factor in enabling the growth of LBS is wide availability of cheap GPS enabled handsets. GPS enabled handsets are being manufactured now days.
Infrastructure Constraints:-One of the main problems is the lack of spread of the wireless network into the countryside. In developing country like India, the wireless technology is in very nascent stage. In metro cities and areas, the problem of network congestion is also an important issue. The percentage of service operators not meeting the congestion rate benchmarks has risen subsequently.
This paper proposes a developing an Android Application which is based on LBS & provides different location based
services like profile changing of mobile from normal mode to silent mode & vice versa for certain places that user registered. Again nearest friend locator, family member location finder. Here for finding location the GPS technology with Google Map API can used. As android is an open source, this application can be used for further improvements in many Smartphones. Also in concern the security aspect of this application , the Reputation based security model can apply. After going through the surveying, it can be gathered that there is a huge scope of
application development in mobile domain. Following the same notion, we can also develop application that can
tackle following issues:
1) Location positioning technologies
2) Query processing
3) Cache management
Applications can be developed on Android platform of Open Handset Alliance led by Google. Google provides simulated environment and standard development kit for developing Android applications. We chose Android as it is parallel to iOS (supported by Apple) in terms of facilities it provide and is also open source. The LBS station or any other facility of interest indicated by user within certain range. Just like a GPS device its location will also be updated as soon as user changes his/her position.

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