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Thursday, 22 March 2018

An adjunct hash neighbor in 4way MANETS to share data efficiently

To share the data in between neighbor nodes in established or fixed MANET is a big challenge. Always displaced movements MANET nodes are unpredictable with respect to their moving places in case of sharing data. And data sharing is late and sometimes hard in between deferent networks. And also compromised nodes may take advantage to take and hide the data. So to overcome these scenario we propose a new approach called SMN (Smart movement notice), EDT (Efficient data Transfer). And to transfer the data in encoded format we propose a new algorithm ROTA (Rotation orient transfer analog). All these techniques can be used across the MANETs in deferent networks. The data can be shared via non compromised hash technique in ROTA technique. All the techniques are inter related with one approach of data transfer in efficient manner. The neibour nodes displacements are available all the times to all current network nodes and also root or master node. The master node is the key node to transfer the data to other networks in encoded formats. The data can be large and also feasible formats to transfer to legacy networks.

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