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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Alumni Portal Java Project

Alumni portal is a java & Oracle project which develops a repository and search engine for the alumni of the college. This allows  old and new students of a university or college to associate with each other’s and to know about each others.
Alumni portal is a web based java final year project which maintains a centralized database of the university or college. This system will automatically list all the students of the university  as alumni on their graduation and transfer their student module to alumni module.
This application students will be provided with a username and password. Student once registered will be member of the alumni portal. He can search the details of the other student. This system also provides a easy access to the students to easily obtain information about other registered users.
Alumni portal will also provide public posts on the system about possible job opportunities and news related to other colleges. This project maintains a high privacy feature. In this portal students can share the information, find  old friends and search for new friends. This alumni portal provides the chat feature which enables students to chat without revealing their mobile numbers or personal mail IDs.
The main objective of this Alumni Portal Java Project to allow students to communicate with each other and share their ideas. To provide information about of the institution, college or university. To provide effective data management and retrieval process.
Administrator Module:
The administrator is responsible for maintaining information of students. When a student submits the registration form, administrator will complete the verification process and, if successful, the student details are added into the database. The administrator maintains the passwords of Event Manager and that of himself.
Event Manager Module:
This module maintains the information about various events that are conducted by various colleges and universities. Details of notifications are also maintained. The manager can add, delete, edit and view event details.
Alumni & Student Module:
The Alumni/Students can register themselves and after the approval from the administrator, they can logon into their account and can send mails, post queries, update their profiles and even search for other student details. one can view the event details and search for specific information. The module provides mail and query functionalities.
Software Requirements:
Web Presentation                         :           HTML, CSS
Client – side Scripting                   :           JavaScript
Programming Language               :           Java
Web based Technologies              :           Servlets, JSP
Database Connectivity                  :           JDBC
Java Version                                  :           JDK1.6
Backend Database                        :           Oracle 9i

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