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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

AI Multi Agent Shopping System

AI Multi Agent Shopping System

An AI multiagent shopping system where system is fed with various product details. The system allows user to register and enter his details about a particular product. The system records all the details provided by user and checks for various items matching his search. The system comes up with a list of items best suited for user needs. The system also suggests other related items that the user may like. The system suggests these items which are likely to be bought by the user based on his previous requirements. The system handles multiple users at a time and provides accurate results.
  • User Registration: User can register on the system and get his online account on site.
  • User Login: User can login to system and check various furniture data online.
  • Multi Agent Support: The multi agent guides and supports user through his entire shopping experience and sorts out products as per user preference.
  • Product Categories: The electronic products are arranged and can be viewed in categories.
  • Add to cart: Users can add products to cart.
  • Custom Search: User may do a custom search. System takes user requirements and show products matching it.
  • Related products: System also shows related products likely to bought by user.
  • User Decision Consideration: The agent gets products as per user preference but leaves the final decision up to the user before making any payments.
  • Credit card payment: After total bill is calculated user can pay via credit card online.

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