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Thursday, 22 March 2018

A Secure Group Key Management Scheme for Sensor Networks

Security is an important issue in sensor networks. Manyapplications in military, distributed information gatheringetc., demand for Secure Group Communication (SGC) insensor networks. The SGC requires common network-widegroup key for confidentiality of control messages and datareports. The group key should be updated when a node iscompromised. In this paper we propose a new key management.
scheme for group key computation and distributionwhich is based on tree structure. The proposed scheme minimizesstorage as well as communication and computationcost of end user (i.e., sensor nodes). The complex encryption/decryption operations used to distribute new group keywhenever a node is compromised are replaced by one wayhash functions and simple XOR operations.Keywords: Secure Group Communication, SensorNode, Hash Function, Group Key.

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