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Monday, 5 March 2018

50 Fortune 500 Companies Offering Computer Science Internships

 Companies Offering Computer Science Internships

Computer ScienceStudents graduating with a degree in computer science or information technology will find that they face competition from other highly-accomplished graduates who are seeking to make it to the top of perhaps the fastest-growing industry in the world. In the Age of Technology, one of the best ways to get an edge on other tech majors is to land an internship with a prestigious company. The list below is a selection of some of the most premier companies in the world – all on the Fortune 500 List – that offer attractive, dynamic internships in the field of computer science and IT. The list was compiled by selecting the companies that have both the highest rankings on the Fortune 500 List and the most well-established, comprehensive internship programs. Preference was given to software, hardware, and IT corporations because they are the most highly-regarded in the tech world. That being said, an effort was made to include businesses from a wide variety of industries, including retail, energy and engineering, automotive technology, telecommunications, and healthcare.

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