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Friday, 2 February 2018

Web Pharmacy system

Web Pharmacy system

This Project “Pharmacy System” is a solution to Aurobindo Pharma to take the orders from its distributors who are geographically distributed.  This new system not only takes the orders from distributors for Aurobindo Pharma but it also facilities.  The administration, as well as the report generation for the firm.  The basic structure of the system as follows.
This project is a web-based project, and no doubt to say this is a Client-Server System.  Each user of this system is given a unique id and password along with some Information for our report generation, and administration.  Later the user id will be used for his identification.  The system maintains vendors, category of products they are supplying, products under each category, discount, and payment modes such as DD, Cheque, and online payment mode Credit Card.  This system also maintains the order details, to provide the valuable reports regarding sales to the organization whenever they want.  Here we are providing the administration part too for the organization.
This system provides information entered but also analyzes data.  Each user’s details are kept private and no other body can tinker with them.
Some people express their view that where is the actual need for this kind of system.  Ordering systems on isolated computers and personal PC’s are not accessible from anywhere.  Where as these kind of web related systems can be accessed from anywhere.
Virtually from any part of the world with out any difficulty.  As our Aurobindo Pharma is Launching a new web site with these benefits of internet they can provide better and Cost effective services to distributors, not only that with this kind of design they can Go for online shopping for other users.  Realization of these kinds of systems includes gathering of many technologies at one point.  Implementation of this system involved both server side programming and client side programming.  Server side part has to communicate with the date base management system and has to send the results as part is responsible for providing user friendly and visually attractive interface to the user, and is responsible for communicating to the server on behalf of the user.
For the implementing above-mentioned requirement I have used HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, JAVA SERVLETS and JDBC.  Server side part has been done with SERVLETS and JDBC where JDBC responsible for communicating with DBMS.  On Client side HTML, JAVA SCRIPT provides user interfaces.
The Pharmacy System is a web-based application some of its features are pointed out here:
The proposed system can be accessed from any part of the world, as opposed to stand alone or manual system, and provides information at any time, anywhere.
Even though it is a web-based application it will keep the details of its clients private and no body is allowed to tinker with the details.
No need to own any computer for this specific ordering of products, it just requires user to register with the system.
It provides easy to use and user friendly interface for the user.
The system provides freedom to the user to move freely around various screens and status of the system returned, as it was when he left the screen.
User is given freedom to update any information in his database.
He is relieved from maintenance and back up works, as it will be done by expert personalities maintaining the web site.
The user can access the system at any time, because it’s 24-hour availability.
The organization people can do administration over the products, vendor, customer (only deletion in case of dealer ship cancellation) etc.
The organization can generate reports for sales like day-wise, month-wise, year-wise, product-wise, order-wise etc. at any time with out any problem.
The organization can save the time and money as they own the web site, and they can provide effective service to its distributors.
The project contains two modules. User interaction module and administration module.  The administration module contains two sub modules.
In Administration the organization at the server side can do administration on database.  In the reports module they can generate the sales reports.
In the user interaction module all user interactive operations covered.
1) User Interaction
The options under User Interaction are
  •  LOGIN
The validations for the screen login are:
Login name: The login name should be entered in text format; there should be no spaces.
The second module of the system is the Administration
The main options under the Administration screen are:
Administration contains the following options:
  • Product
  • Vendor
  • Customer
  • Category
  • Discount
Product Administration
The product administration contains the following options:
Add, Delete, Update
Customer Administration
The customer administration screen contains only delete option.
Vendor Administration
The vendor administration also contains three options.
Add, Delete, Update
Category Administration
The category administration screen contains three options.
Add, Delete, update
Discount Administration
The discount administration contains three options.
Add, Delete, Update.
User Interface: 
The user interface should provide the commands in the form of buttons and hyperlinks between the pages.    
The commands should be portioned in such as way that
a)   Administrative people commands
b)   Client commands.
Pharma Web Commerce is a network-based application.  When we talk about hardware and software, we have to mention requirements on both the Client and Server part.
·        Internet connection with 33.6 KBPS Modem.
·        Pentium 233 MHz. 42 GB HD, 128 MB RAM (Server).
·        Any P. C with Windows/Unix compatibility, 8 MB RAM (Client).
·        JDK 1.2.1, Web Server, running on any platform.
·        JDBC/ODBC drivers installed.
·        Functional Java enabled browser.
·        Data Base (MS-Access).
·        Operating System (Windows/Unix/Linux).

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