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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Web Page Builder

Web Page Builder

There are number of coding languages available in order to build web pages. So there is need to know any one coding language to build a web page. This innovative software application allows users to build web pages without knowing any coding language. It is specifically designed for the internal use for companies. This software helps to build/design graphical Web pages. This software is embedded in a website for professional use, and will be available for customers to tailor web pages as per their need. This system helps the user to build web page with effective graphical user interface. User doesn’t have to work specifically for GUI. System will display various webpage template user can select any template according to his preference. This system will save time of the user and will help the user to concentrate on main functionality required in their webpage. This system will provide user with professional webpage templates they can select the templates based on the requirement and functionality. Here in this system user can build whole website by just selecting the content and images required in their webpage. User can design each and every web page in their websites according to their preference by selecting the content and images. User can even specify position of the content to be placed. When user logins to the system, system will display various templates to the user. User has to select the template. System will display various pages of that template. By clicking on particular page he must specify the content and images that needs to be placed in the webpage. User can place the content and can view the template simultaneously. Once the user clicks onto the submit button system will generate the website. System will send code and .rar file to the user’s email ID. User can build custom websites easily using this application. User doesn’t have to know any coding languages to build web pages. With the help of this system user can work on main functionality required in their web page.

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