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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Web based UI Manager with Audit Report

Web based UI Manager with Audit Report

Web based UI Manager with Audit Report increases the efficiency of managers or high designates employee when they are scheduling the employee’s activities. Automated workflow ensures that process of scheduling much easier and computerized. The latest research, innovative theory and best organizational practice are all presented in this Web based UI Manager with Audit Report.
Web based UI Manager with Audit Report is a web-based system, which is very easy and immediate access to all information about employees work schedules.  This is done through JAVA Technologies.  This has various technical areas.  It includes WINDOWS XP as the Operating System, Oracle as database.  The front end deals with GUI and source code deals with Oracle (Backend).
Web based UI Manager with Audit Report provides knowledge and practical perspectives of all aspects of management, which will prove invaluable to managing a information services cost effectively, while meeting the needs of its users.
Web based UI Manager with Audit Report is one of the most tedious processes, which involves the regular updating of many files and records. This system reduces costs by reducing paperwork and streamlining processes. This system also reduces risk by supporting compliance with best practices. Doing this manually involves a lot of time and labor. Hence this can be made easy through automation.
Existing System                
This point describes you how to overcome the problem that arisen in general for any person or organization scheduling the appointments, activities or daily work is somewhat legitimate and a bit of burden apart from other works being on hand.
The task of scheduling and fixing appointments as well as other activities whether they may be official or personal is time consuming and also may lead to confusion if not properly scheduled.
Calendar and Scheduler (package) is such a tool with which this process of scheduling will be easy and even online in the organisation where it is installed.
Scheduling becomes such an easy task that it reduces much time when compared to previous methods. This enables for the employee to check any other tasks waiting, postponed and so on. The extra features in these packages make the higher-level management in the organisation to schedule the tasks of the employees and even check their activities.
The whole process is now manually controlled. This requires maintaining the records of the queries coming from the employees in the paper.
Limitations of the Current System:
Maintaining the data in excel sheets and files is very hard to remember the file names in which the required data is feed. No easy access to the required queries. Data redundancy, inconsistency, lot of human work need to be done in order analyze the details present in the excel sheets. It leads to wastage of time. No timely response to the end users. 
Proposed System
Proposed system is the one that is going to be automated, so that it is easy to retrieve the responses from the system fastly and updating the details once the response or services are provided to the end-users upon their request without any difficulty and saves time.
The system, which was developed now, makes this process of scheduling much easier and computerized. By this system the manager or top level designated employee can fix the schedule of the executive working under him, he even can check whether the executive is free in the particular time or in other times. Thus the top level management can easily fix the process of scheduling, and even can change the appointment which is reflected immediately to the related employee avoiding direct contact of the employee resulting in saving lot of time and work overhead.
The system even has the option for only viewing the employee’s activities.. This feature avoids direct contact to the respective employee’s database and activities. There is an option where only the supervisor (the top-level manager) can have direct access to the employee’s activities; he can change the appointments of the employees working under him. No other employee of the same designation or same level of hierarchy can do this. The executives access this information by their laptops from   their locations to do the specific task.   
Features of the proposed system:
  • User friendly.
  • User can get the Timely Information from the database with out any delay regarding the query.
  • This reduces the delay of response given to the User.
  • User can generate reports very easily.
Advantages of the proposed system:
  • The proposed system is automated that is faster than the existing manually maintained system and can handle data easily.
  • Computerization of the details of the employees and their schedules.
  • The System allows the manager to control all the activities hence identifying the roles and accessibility of other users.
  • Maintenance time and cost are greatly reduced.
  • Accurate information can be generated easily and quickly at different levels.
  • Report can be generated easily and quickly.
The functional Requirements of the proposed system are as follows.
  • Events
  • Meetings
  • Contracts
  • Feedback
  • Reports
Only the administrator has the privileges to schedule a new event. Here employee has the executive role. Administrator can edit the employee details. Administrator will assign tasks to the executives. Events are scheduled based on their category. Administrator has the privilege to edit the details of the event.
Only the administrator has the privileges to schedule a Meeting. Administrator will assign an executive to the meeting. Administrator will assign tasks to the executives. Administrator will give the agenda of the meeting. Administrator has the privilege to edit the details of the Meeting. Executive will take the details of the attendances details and submit to the administrator online. Executive will note the details of the noting person in the meeting.
The administrator has the privileges to add a new contract with the company and details of the company to the database. Administrator will assign tasks to the executives about the contract. Administrator has the privilege to edit the details of the contract information. Executive has the privilege to update the status of the contract and submit to the administrator online.
The administrator can easily generate reports regarding the events, meetings, and contracts date wise or executive wise. The proposed system will give the flexibility to the user to generate reports what ever required.
Software & Hardware Requirements:
Software Specifications:
Operating System                   :             Windows 2000 and it’s compatible versions.
Database                                 :            Oracle 9i
Language                     :            Java 2.0
Web Server                   :           Tomcat 5.0   
Hardware Specifications:
Pentium IV Processor.
256 MB RAM.
40GB Hard Disk space.

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