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Friday, 2 February 2018

Wake On Lan

Wake On Lan

The problem is to find a way to turn on other machines in a local area network. The Solution is known as Wake On LAN. Wake On Lan a.k.a WOL is a mechanism with which a network Interface Card (NIC) could turn a machine on by receiving a special packet (MAGIC PACKET) through the LAN.
The packet is sent by a simple program executed on another computer on the same local area network. Wake-on-LAN is also known as Wake on LAN, WOL, or sometimes WoL. It may also be known as Remote Wake-Up or RWU.
If the network socket even after being shutdown, shows a green light, it probably supports Wake-on-LAN. The motherboard uses a small amount of power to monitor network traffic and look for special Wake-on-LAN packets. If it sees one, it will power up the system as if it has been switched on from the power button.

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