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Sunday, 25 February 2018



Are you looking for Vehicle registration system for your final year project? We are here to help you. You can contact us
The world is moving fast and getting faster every day, with this changing world one needs to be dynamic and fast in every aspect of life. In this scenario vehicles are the only thing which helps people in a very faithful manner, so this also needs to be available easily and you should be allowed in your country to ride it freely and legally.
The registration of these vehicles online will be a good pacemaker instead doing it manually. So here is a system where we can registration of the vehicles online.
The important aspects of the system are as follows:
User Login
Admin Login
Agency Login
Form Filling
About Us
Contact Us
Now it’s easy task with fewer clicks far, so request and approval can be online.
Key Features of the system are as follows:
To eliminate visit of the office.
To eliminate of the hard task of maintaining the hard documents.
To eliminate the heavy waiting time for approval.
Anywhere access is also a feature of this, one can Do register for any place in the world.
As of unified system same system is used for user and admin perspective.
Ultimately reducing the expenses and eases way living and increases the pace of the life.


Here we are going to discuss the existing systems and other drawbacks in the manual earlier system of registration of the vehicles. The system we are using an i.e. manual system of the registration of the vehicles is very tiresome and time-consuming.
It takes a lot of time and going there in offices, lining up in queues. The most common problem is knowing the proper information about the documents and procedure and pricing.
Here comes the problem of agents in that where they make huge money, of no way of the hard earned money of poor people.


It’s a time-consuming process
Vulnerable storage of documents
There is a great possibility that agents incur a lot of money from poor people without their knowledge of actual expenditure as people have less information reach in the manual system.
May be outdated information get passed.
Sometimes it is the spelling error in the manual system that gets saved and after that, while we check it in final phase it gets rejected.
So, above this is the whole process of getting vehicle insurance by our system we can make it a little bit more simple and fast process of automating it.
We can automate this process by creating the application which will allow you to use these things in a fully functional way and the application will include the following entities (an entity is a real world object).
Our system will eliminate a lot of problems mentioned above:
The user has a reach from everywhere in the world, he need not go to any office, he can access the whole system of registration from his home only.
Users  of vehicle registration system have access to current requirement information easily
No need to give heavy fees to agents, as one can pay online directly to the system registration
Spelling validation is available so no spelling error.
The whole process takes less time than the traditional one.
Easy tracking of the progress of the request.


Admin will use this system to verify the user, users document and on the basis of that he will check the payments and if found all the criteria fulfilled he will sanction the unique registration numbers to them or to their vehicle.
This panel is the most important everything under this is supervised by the main authority. Only through this panel, the requests can be passed.


Here Every user is asked to fill his entire detail properly, User is provided with an interface to fill information like name, address, vehicle detail and need to upload their photo, vehicle photo, vehicle other details, certificates.
To avoid the spelling mistake important field is made to write twice with no copy option and matched to remove the chance of spelling mistake.


To exclude the tension of brokers, agents we include here an option to make all payment direct to the main office account. So here u will get all the details of the taxes, fees account and document wise.
Here one can pay via using their debit card, which is frequently used way of payment. This leads to faster and safer way of payment saving us from the hectic way of payment and no need to indulge in cash problem.


Fig. Basic process of payment in main office account
Now the best way to describe this whole process is an ER-diagram which include the entities and relations with different entities whereas their attributes so, we will design the ER diagram according to the description.



Now we will discuss the whole ER-diagram to make better understanding
Here we have different Entities in our System. We will discuss each and every entity one by one below:


This entity is Basic for User details here everything needs to interact with the whole system.
This is the basis of the application as one needs to know the requesters and users of the service and one detail feed in the database and validated and needs whenever need to login or make some enquiry about the progress of the requests.


This is the unique id generated while registering in the system by the user


The name is taken in the database, here name is entered by user twice to verify the spelling mistake if any and eliminate it in their own way.


A Strong password is recommended to make the password safer as no one else could use one’s details make illegal use of the data.


for age verification date of birth according to the certificate of birth or matriculation certificate should be given as further this will lead to verify the authenticity of the user


In this field, the user needs to enter his full address with a pin code. It should correct and accurate as one can vary on this basis by physical visit or by other means of verification like matching address on multiple proofs


It is also a very important number as the government has made this a very important proof as we can say this mandatory and must supplied wherever demanded.


It is also mandatory to upload as needed to verify from matching one and another document to whom it concern and on the name of the request is done.


here user needs to upload all the details of the vehicle from photo to engine number and body parts of the vehicle. This is a very important perspective as one needs to know which vehicle is going to be registered and so one must have to identify it clearly and every part is and agency detail.
To claim other bonuses it is mandatory to upload detail clearly and cleanly.


One user can raise a request to make the vehicle registered and for this, he launches request entity where he takes the reference of unique user id and takes the all kind of docs uploaded.

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