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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Vayuyann Airways

Vayuyann Airways

About the System
The “Miles Acquisition System” helps Airlines serve their fliers by following a tailored version of the organization’s standard process called “The Frequent Flyer Program”. The goal of the MAS is to ensure that fliers login, view and manage their acquired miles through a beautiful, user friendly front-end. This document records the transactions of the user like all the details of his acquired miles in their airlines. Through this application, the Airlines can automate the process of updating the various details associated with its scheme for frequent fliers; thus, avoiding manual or telephonic overhead involved in providing information and book keeping.
The user, by entering his unique user id and password, can login to his account and avail the online services like checking the no. of miles acquired, and the various benefits entitled to him for it. The airlines, on the other hand, can make its announcements on new schemes to be introduced. This kind of application over the internet enhances the chances of attracting new fliers as well as retaining the old ones.
The following are the features of an Existing System
·        The transactions are maintained manually.
  • There is no separate user to interact with the database.
  • Not very user friendly interface.
Implications of existing system
A Cargo management system is an information system that is effective and efficient at providing the business owner with timely, relevant and accurate information for tracking, dispatch and reporting, analysis and decision-making purposes. The foundation of an empowered information enterprise consists of business processes, transactional systems, information technology infrastructure, and an information repository data. The need for integration across components, presents a challenge to create an information enterprise. The main problem arises are:
Inefficient Records management – current system is using traditional manual system so that accuracy is less in entering & maintaining the records.
Inefficient use of tools and techniques.
3 Lack of Security –In the manual system they don’t have a provision to look over and also maintaining the records.  
Need For Proposed System:
In existing system it is difficult to improve predictability, efficiency and control of the entire Flier Transactions for Frequent Fliers. To overcome all these, MAS has been developed. Since it is difficult to manually interact with the records (files), our MAS has provided an interface to the database so that an administrator can interact with the database and maintain the records permanently. Administrator provides few services like My Miles, Spend Miles, Earn Miles and Exchange Miles and some more facilities like Updating Information. Some general services like change password and update profile are also provided to users. Only authorized users are capable of modifying details in their account and thereby providing security to all users. 

Number of Modules:

Users registration
User needs to register if they want to become a member. Once become a member, they have special advantage, which is doing online buying, online payment, win prizes and make reservation.
Login/logout for management staff, and End Users
Required to login and logout before and after visit the website for members and management staff. Required username and password for security purpose just to identify them selves.
Management staff logging/logout
This is for the staff, member of the website do not have access to the management administration page. Management staff can do adding, deletion, editing and cancellation of members or notify members and when once submit; it will be up-to-date for client, which are users.
Management staff Functionality
Admin will have the accessibility of the system to do the transaction like inserting the Flights information, Hotels Information and Packages Information, the end user can view these information and they can make a reservation for these categorys.and admin can edit the above categories and he can delete the above categories.
End User Functionality
Users can search the different airlines information and Hotels Information and Package Information. This is for those who do not want to waste time by looking or searching around for the words in the website,
END Users Booking
Users can go online on this website and check availability of the Air ticket Booking, Hotel Booking and package Booking, they just need to check whether there is any available of Tickets are not. If it’s not available and fully taken, then user can view when is available and make a booking or reservation earlier or next time.
Required Hardware
§  Pentium IV Processor.
§  256 MB RAM.
§  40GB Hard Disk space.
§  Ethernet card with an Internet and Internet zone.
Required Software
Server Side:
§  Microsoft Windows 2000 Prof
§  Internet explorer 5.0 or above or Netscape navigator.
§  Asp. Net.
§  TCP/IP Protocol suite.
Client Side:
Any Web Browser on any Windows operating system. 

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