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Friday, 2 February 2018

Travel and Tourism Management System Abstract


The summary of the Travel and Tourism Management application is to expand a system that automates the processes of a travel and tourism organization. The objective is to design a system whose use can carry out all the operations associated with travel visits.

Current System:

In the existing system, a customer must complete a selection process for various companies to find details of locations and e-book entries. This often requires a lot of time and effort. A customer may not get the preferred facts from these workplaces and, on a regular basis, the customer may be wrong. It is tedious for a customer to create a specific trip and perform well.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is a fully Internet-based system and continues a centralized repository of all related records. The system also allows for the smooth entry of entry rights to the applicable facts and make essential preparations for the trip. Users can determine the approximate locations they wish to visit and make online reservations for travel and accommodations.


1. Administrator module
2. Travel module
3. Route module
4. Reservation module
5. Module of testimony.
Administrator Module:
This module provides administrator-related functionality. The administrator handles all information and has to have access to the rights to add, delete, edit and examine data associated with locations, travel, routes, reservations, places to eat and many others.
Travel Module:
This module offers information from various travel companies. A person can select the right employer depending on comfort and affordability.
Route Module:
This module provides records associated with numerous routes that connect assets and destinations. for each route, records that include delivery, vacation location, rate, reservation information, collection points, etc. they are offered. The most effective administrator can upload, delete, edit and manipulate the data. Customers can only view the information.
Reservation module:
This module features that allow consumers to book tickets or cancel pre-booked tickets. the module continues with the information of all reservations made so far and allows the administrator to check or reject the reservations.
The module of testimonies:
Customers of this application can submit their views and guidelines on this portal and offers the administrator. consequently, the administrator can take several measures to act on the procedures and suggestions.

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