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Friday, 2 February 2018



The basic function of this system is to available the tender documents online to the customers and download the application forms. Daily many tenders will be released and the new tenders are updated so that customers can view them and if they are interested they can download the tender form. Customers will have to register themselves and will get a permanent user ID and password.  By this ID and password he can download the tender forms in future also.
The tender documents will be supplied to the user. This system can also handle multiple tender documents at one time i.e. the user can access various tenders from the company at onetime and can download the required forms. The user can submit the details along with quotation to the department through online. Then the department people evaluate all the tenders submitted by users on evaluation date and they allocate that work to the user who is eligible and quoted for less amount.
In the existing system all the tenders are processed manually through documents. This tendering system is called open documentation system. In this the department people publish the tender notice in newspapers, then the contractors buy the tender forms from the specified department by paying tender fee.  If the contractors are interested to do the particular work, they have to submit quotation along with their eligibility details by post or by hand in sealed covers.  Finally the department people open the sealed covers on tender evaluation date and evaluate the submitted quotations in presence of all contractors. Due to this, there is wastage of manpower, money, and time. It tends to form tender ring.
To avoid all the above pitfalls the system proposed is “Online Tender Handling”.  In this all the tenders processed through online.  This system saves money, manpower, time and it reduces the chances for tendering. It provides security compared to existing system. 
The modules in this application are 
  1. Administrator
  2. Employee
  3. Purchase department
  4. Supplier
 This administrator will maintain all the master information like Items Information, suppliers’ information, Employee information.
He is going to prepare the indent for the required product to the purchase department, and also he checks indent status.
Purchase department:
Displaying indent information from different departments. Preparation of tenders for the indents, Invitation to the supplier for the tender
Supplier is going to bid the amount for tender with in the stipulated time, and will know the final status of the tender once it is closed.
Ø    Pentium III processor
Ø    128 MB Ram
Ø    Hard disk 40 GB
Ø    Microsoft Compatible 101 or more Key Board
Ø   Operating System:  Windows XP
Ø   Front End: J2EE
Ø   Back End: Oracle

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