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Monday, 26 February 2018



Are you looking for Temple management system for your final year project? We are here to help you. You can contact us 
Everyone is born into this world for some reason, but they never know the same, but search for that thing, it is believed by everyone that that god is the one who makes everyone and resides with all to give them the path to pursue the life.
People believe that God lives in their house or their existence can be felt and everyone should go there to get touched by the god grace. there are many religions in the world, everyone has different ways worshipping God, one of them is temples were mainly Hindus believe to worship.
There are many temples but few temples are such that their grace is known to be much than the other so few people there in n numbers. Due to that, the darshans become very difficult as people maybe wanted to get darshans at their time and have some work or proper management can also be managed.
So we come up with a system where users are required to register for the darshans for the given time as they can book the devotional aartis at a particular time. they require to fill the details about it and timing and then they will get the token after giving a nominal amount of payment.
The arrangements will be done by the temple management to do the required worship apart from the queue.They need to show the token to get the special entry. Finally, they will get the darshans without any hesitation and without difficulty at their time.


The system is made of the combination of modules which work with collaboration with each other and make it beneficial to accomplish the main aim of the system.


Users make a request through the interface for booking the aartis at a particular time. they have the option to choose the temple like Vaishno Devi, Chamunda Devi, Mansa Devi and few more temples they select the one from them all.
After selecting temple they have the option to select the task they want to do like they want to do the aartis, darshans or seva, according to that they will select the items they want the temple management to get managed prior to the arrival for the purpose they note that down in the interface finally, they confirm the request .


After confirming the request they will be prompt for the payment to the management for the organization of the facilities to arrange.
They have the option to pay through the interface in the form of a debit card they can pay.After doing successful payment they will be doing the necessary print of token.


The token interface is available to the both user and the temple management they will receive token and arrange the requirement according to that before time, this token will be checked by them at the time of entrance to the temple for the users.To confirm the legal token.


Finally, they get the chance of doing the worship according to that and make the status of worship done in the interface confirmed and done by the users and the management both hence they will complete the system task.


Users information have to be compelled to be registered within the system thus on establish every of them unambiguously and do the required group action as simple potential .like on the name of the bill are issued.
on the far side, this plenty of things require measure there wherever we will reference him. Without registration, there are few options and pages one user can see which are landing on the home page and taking the features read but he won’t be allowed to use those.
For use, he will have to register. One person needs to put his all the details properly and precisely as it will be helpful in identifying them and believing that he is the real person who has booked for the same.
It also includes driver license for them who is driving and parameter too.


After registration one will log within the system because the operator of the system either on the behalf of user. when this he has the opposite helpful interfaces accessible for any actions.
Here either bride or groom both have to log in with their unique identity and passwords. After this, they will be directed to the main user interface from where they have further options.


This is quite often that people tend to forget the password they keep for the login. So this could be very tedious and hectic to recover the password manually in case if one needs to login in the emergency.
So to overcome this problem we have this module named ass forgot the password and using this module user can recover their password in seconds. So here we need to only put our registered email Id and hit the enter.
than one confirmation email will go to the email where he has the option to reset the password. In seconds one can use this module and get rid of forgetting password problem.


Admin has the official powers to control the flow of the data from one part of the system to the other. He has the power to manipulate the access of the users to the data.
The main purpose of this account is to make the user data relevant and then giving the inputs to the other interface module and make it work optimistically and get the timetable according to the wish we want to create for a particular type of inputs.
Hence all the data will be reflected with clean and well data in the interfaces.


Now, this method is intended in such the way that it takes fewer resources to figure out work properly. it’s its own type of minimum needs that we’d like to require care of :
The system wants a minimum of two GB of ram to run all the options sleek and unforeseen.
It wants a minimum 1.3 gigahertz processor to run sleek as else which will produce issues.
The system must be operated by some approved person as wrong hands will build it happy-go-lucky.

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